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Rachel Bilson hardcore fuck pics

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

The OC star Rachel Bilson had never been in a shocking scandal before. She had been a TV and movie starlet for quite a while now but it seems like there’s no loophole to her every day affairs. But not for long.

Today marks the end of Rachel Bilson’s sweet and wholesome image, because we have unlocked her true personality–she’s a hardcore fuck loving whore! She may seem like a meek, shy young starlet when we see her on TV, or in magazines and tabloids, but that’s just her ploy to make us think she’s not a sex-craved bitch who wants to get fucked all day. But look what we have here, shocking fuck pics of this young actress. Well, that means congratulations to her fiance Hayden Christensen for having a nymphomaniac as a girlfriend!

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