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Katie Holmes fucking a cock

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

Katie Holmes has an angelic face that exudes innocence and sweetness the whole world came to love. We loved her in Dawson’s Creek now you will love her even more in a different light. Seen here is Katie Holmes naked, getting her pink snatch fucked in an extremely hot position by a horny stud while she tittyfucks her juicy tits with a dildo. Tom Cruise is nowhere around these Katie Holmes fuck pictures so I’m guessing either he doesn’t have the slightest clue or he’s the one taking these shots.

I’d like to think Tom is that kind of husband who shares her lovely wife’s cunt to other guys since he looks like that kind of guy. For all we know, there’s a kinkier story behind these sex photos. Think Tom Cruise and one of these studs pounding Katie Holmes’ pussy and ass at the same time before spraying their cum all over her face for the finish. Now that would be a sight to whack off to, wouldn’t it?

Kaley Kuoco bondage whore

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Hot dayum! We all know that Kaley Kuoco’s a hot wild bitch but I never thought she’s over-the-top wild when it comes to the sack! Look at Kaley Kuoco naked smokin’ hot body tied and bonded in some empty room. Judging by her all-smiles face, this blonde sex kitten is no stranger to bdsm at all.

In these other pics, she shows her extreme wild side by throwing a finger at the camera while playing with her pink juicy pussy with a speculum. After achieving a hot orgasm from playing with her succulent cunt, Kaley Kuoco’s ass then gets ploughed hard by a thick hard cock. What a beast of a whore this blonde vixen is…

Alison Mack threesome-loving nymph

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

For a chick with such a skinny petite frame, it’s fuckin’ awesome to see Alison Mack taking a thick hard cock twice the size of her whole face. The wild part is that she’s loving every inch of it grinding inside her tight pussy walls stretching it apart. But I guess if Alison Mack’s pussy and ass always gets a beating by her dildos, she would eventually get used to it.

Naturally, a chick who loves fucking her two holes at the same time would enjoy getting double penetrated by two horny guys in a hot skin-to-skin sweaty threesome. Clearly, in her case it’s not all about the size, it’s about how many cocks a whore like her can take in her tight fuck holes that really matters.

Lacey Chabert’s pussy and ass gets dildo fucked

Saturday, June 19th, 2010

If you’re still in a debate on wether Lacey Chabert is a good girl or a bad girl in the sexual department, then let these Lacey Chabert’s naked pics show you what the real deal is. This brunette hottie is a good girl gone bad and she’s went all the way to post naked and masturbating for her fans to see.

She’s the proof that not all cock hungry sluts need not only to be the aggressive flashy whores you see with the upskirts and nipple slip, sometimes you need to see the sex-deprived nymph behind her tamed exterior. Here is Lacey Chabert masturbating, drilling her tight pink pussy and ass with two dildos.

Kylie Minogue naked dominatrix MILF

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

After all these years of keeping her fetish behind closed doors, Kylie Minogue has finally came to terms with her alter-ego and decided to say fuck it and exposed her true self to the public. I always knew she was a ferocious bitch but never would I have known she would go all out as to expose herself in this way.

Seen here is Kylie Minogue naked body fully revealed in dominatrix clothes. You can see Kylie’s succulent pussy as she sits in a feline position with one leg up to give us a full view of her pink. In the other shot, we can see the diva legend’s round juicy tits as she crosses her legs to expose the fullness of her pussy lips. What a fuckin’ hot sight…now all we need is a whip, some candles and a gag ball and we’re good to go.

Fergie naked pussy and tits showdown

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Who’s a fucking man now? A lot of Fergie-haters are calling this blonde bombshell all kinds of stuff that connects her to having a dick. Tranny or man-face are just a few of rumored crap the haters are throwing at her. Well guess what, those bitches can go suck their dicks because Fergie has had enough of it. These shots shows Fergie naked to the extreme and looking nothing like a man.

Hot dayummm…Fergie’s pussy are all kinds of delish, who wouldn’t want to fuck her womanhood? I bet all those haters are jacking off over these dirty naked pics of the Black Eyed Peas hottie. Hopefully the next time we see pics of her, it would feature that juicy pussy and ass taking two big cocks til kingdom cum.

Charlize Theron naked and riding a guy’s stiff cock

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Charlize Theron is one of Hollywood’s blonde bombshells with a classic beauty that ages fine like wine. The first thing I noticed about this South-African vixen is her mile-long silky legs and since then I’ve always lusted for her stunnig stems. Ofcourse, what guy would say he never jacked off over pictures of Charlize Theron’s juicy rack? That’s already a given, right? But this time, let’s see her in another side that will truly make you crave for her hot naked body even more.

There’s no doubt that any guy with a working dick have lusted over Charlize Theron’s naked smoking body and have dreamed to see it in hardcore skin-to-skin fucking action, so here she is in all her naked glory grinding a guy’s thick cock in her pink succulent pussy. You can just tell by her eyes that she’s always been a dirty little kitten even way more behind the camera and closed doors.

Shania Twain’s pussy getting pounded by a fat cock

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Damn. What is it about this country girl that makes me ache for a juicy wet cunt? Well I guess seeing Shania Twain’s naked pussy all over the screen has that effect on me. At first glance you wouldn’t have guessed she’s got a major wild side, what with the conservative persona she exudes in public. But lo and behold! We now know what you really are Shania.

These explicit hardcore pics proves that what you really are is a horny-as-fuck nymphomania who always crave for a big fat cock in your succulent wet pussy. Just by looking at Shania Twain naked on her knees about to suck this lucky bastard’s sure makes me want to strut my cowboy boots and find myself a hot country girl to fuck!

Christina Ricci’s pussy gets double penetration

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Some celebrities would go too far to revive their lost careers to the point of putting their squeaky clean reputation down the line. Christina Ricci is one of these hardcore  sluts who recently orchestrated these leaked hardcore sex pics to the public. And for what? Publicity that may land her a job if not in Hollywood then in the porn industry atleast.

In these hardcore shots shows Christina Ricci naked while sitting on a guy’s face to get her tight little pussy licked good. She may be petite but you’ll be surprised how Christina can take a stiff throbbing cock in all hardcore sex positions. And if that weren’t enough to give you a hard-on, check this! Christinas Ricci’s pink pussy getting double penetrated by two horny studs!

Mischa Barton fisting her tight little pussy

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

With all that bad publicity Misha Barton has faced lately, you would expect, if this actress really takes her acting career seriously, she would try to prove the critics wrong and start cleaning up her act. But with these very explicit hardcore pictures we’ve obtained of her masturbating, it clearly shows that Mischa Barton’s dream is not in tv shows but in the porn industry.

She’s got skills, this one. Here you can see Mischa Barton’s pussy taking her whole fist as she spreads her slender legs apart on the couch loving every inch and girth of her hand. Next, she bends over to slide a dildo in her already dripping wet gaping pussy and gives us a very naughty smile. Now I just can’t wait to see Mischa Barton and Jenna Hayes in some filthy hardcore lesbian action soon!