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Emmy Rossum loving the anal action

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I haven’t paid much attention to Emmy Rossum’s whereabouts lately, until after I saw her as Bulma on Dragonball Evolution recently and I wondered who that chick with the big boobs was. It turns out it was her, and after a bit of snooping about, I found these cumtastic hardcore photos of Emmy Rossum getting some nasty anal action done.

Any chick who loves to get some dragonballs up her ass deserves some attention from us guys, not to mention a shit ton of cum driven up her asshole, which is how she likes it, apparently. And when her tight asshole becomes too loose from too much cock, switch to her open mouth and give her a hot and sticky facial for a satisfying conclusion to one-upping Emmy Rossum’s ass.

Anybody else wanting a turn of Emmy Rossum’s anal pics, get in line, because I got here first. Or maybe, we can share and you can fill up Emmy Rossum’s tight pussy hole while I drive my cock up her ass, and we can cream this slut together, because these naked and hardcore pictures of her are definitely asking for some.

Demi Lovato spreads her birthday pussy wide

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

So here it is guys, the day you’ve all been waiting for, Demi Lovato hitting the big one-eight and celebrating with a big fat cock stuffed up her teenage pussy. Yeah, one can dream, but here’s a little something to help you picture banging Demi Lovato in your head like crazy: pictures of Demi Lovato getting fucked! How about that, it’s Demi’s fans who get a birthday present and not her, so give a little by spilling your cum all over her open mouth.

And if I’m not mistaken, these naked pictures of Demi Lovato are a perfect representation of what will eventually happen. She’s caught in extremely hardcore situations, like opening her pussy wide in a foursome, kneeling obediently for a facial, and pushing her cunt deeper on her fuck buddy’s stiffy for that extra-loud teen orgasm only she can let out.

Whether you’re a Demi Lovato fanboy or not, these raunchy fuck pics of her are sure to get you going like crazy.

Calista Flockhart’s cum popping tits

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Remember watching Ally McBeal on the telly and hoping that one day her eyeballs would stop popping out comically and instead have her boobs pop out of your television screens instead? That might have happened, I don’t know, I’ve never watched it, but what I know is Calista Flockhart can pull off playing the law firm’s resident slut so well that some of you might have been having wet dreams about her back in the late 90’s. She played the part of the sex cougar so well she’s still probably hunting your midnight fantasies of dropping your pants in the court room and laying the law deep inside her naughty vagina.

But even if that fantasy were never to materialize (and it might never will), just let your dick pop out at these pictures we have of Calista Flockhart naked. You can be sure there won’t be no exaggerated jaw drops or eyeballs leaping from their sockets here, just a smorgasbord of her filling boobs and a healthy serving of Calista’s pussy getting filled with a hot pint of semencum.

Start pounding some order in the court with your rock hard gavel and slam it deep inside Calista Flockhart’s horny pussy pictures.