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Sarah Palin is a rogue cocksucker

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

See, we spare nobody here when it comes to gratuitous sex and nudity, not even respected political figures! Um, oh yeah, and Sarah Palin too! If you ever wished ‘going rogue’ meant something else when she wrote it, here we have Sarah Palin doing the most rogue thing she’s ever done in public and getting down on her knees for some healthy cocksucking! Sure she’s got a good eye for seeing Russia from her backyard, but she’s got an even better mouth for sucking the cum right out of anybody’s cock. What a woman.

By the looks of it, this Alaskan MILF loves getting cum on her face and mouth. That, or she’s into some kinky protest against the BP oil spill or some shit. Either way, Sarah Palin should keep up the excellent work and keep herself always available for a faceful of spunk, because it looks good on her. I bet you she wouldn’t say no to cumming in her mouth… oh yeah, she already did that.

So when the presidential election rolls around again in a few more years, you know where where I’ll be placing my vote. That is, as long as Sarah Palin keeps coming up with photos of herself giving a blowjob and receiving facials, then she can have my cock vote any old time.

Kate Hudson having a rough time doing anal

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Anybody up for a blonde who loves anal? Okay, okay, get in line, you perverts. This week’s celebrity bimbo is none other than Kate Hudson, looking game to get a rough anal fuck from her men! Look at the slut opening up her ass cheeks and driving a thick cock in her tight asshole. Sure she looks pained by it, but sooner or later, she’ll be driving her ass deeper and deeper onto the lucky guy’s stiffy until he shoots his cum straight up her ass. Damn.

Because she’s a slut who doesn’t know when to stop, Kate Hudson surrounded herself in this fuck session with a couple more cocks in position. So when her first fuck buddy conks out, she can pull another dude and continue getting her hardcore anal fix.

You wouldn’t have thought Kate Hudson had it in her, but this very different image of Kate deserves an encore, don’t you think? Head over to see more pictures of Kate Hudson getting her ass ripped open.

Ashley Tisdale fucks like a naughty Hellcat

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

So it turns out Ashley Tisdale is more than just a silly, irritating actress who can’t get over her High School Musical phase. With the debut of her new show, Hellcats, she placed an ad on Craigslist with her pussy on sale to celebrate, and if you check out her hardcore pussy fucking pictures, she got a response right away, and more than once!

Erase all thoughts of a vanilla Ashley Tisdale strutting around in pink fur coats and star-shaped shades, because Ashley let her inner Disney slut out and had a good time sitting on top of these guys’ cocks to get her fill of the hot man juice every other Disney chick’s already done (case in point, Vanessa, Britney, Lindsay, and I could just go on). If you’ve always thought Ashley always had a one-dimensional take on her roles, wait till you see how really versatile she is when it comes to eating up cock. She takes it from behind, in the ass, in her tight teen pussy, and has no problems getting splattered in the crotch with cum after getting plumbed deep in the vag!

Switch off the television hoping for a desperate upskirt of Ashley Tisdale on Hellcats, and just whip your cocks out at these hardcore fuck pictures of Ashley Tisdale!

Nina Dobrev is a whore for facials

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

Whoa. I guess being part-European does Nina Dobrev good when it comes to a hard fuck, huh? I never thought this petite chick from The Vampire Diaries could pack so much sexual tension in her pussy to keep up with three cocks banging her at once. Seeing Nina Dobrev getting her pussy pounded is a treat, especially for pervs who love seeing teen sluts spread it wide for the deepest penetration possible.

And when there’s not enough room for cum in her cunt, Nina Dobrev’s pretty face is a good target for a nasty facial you can unload on her without feeling guilty. Just looking at her expression tells me she’s had her face covered with jizz multiple times already. That, and also because I’ve got these nasty facial pictures of Nina Dobrev to prove it.

Diane Kruger’s pics will make you cum

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

There’s something about these femme fatale roles in movies that turn a lot of guys on. What’s even better is, these roles are played by gorgeous chicks like Diane Kruger here. She’s played a bunch of kickass roles like Bridget Von Hammersmark in Inglorious Basterds, Dr. Abigail Chase in National Treasure, and as Helen in Troy, who, I might not need to add, is only the most beautiful woman in the world, thank you very much.

Having been given such flattering titles, it’s an added bonus to see Diane Kruger naked and getting fucked in these pictures. Even outside the roles she is given, Diane Kruger can perform and please guys with her perfect German tits and pussy. If Diane Kruger can make you jizz in your pants even with all the costume on, then think of the annoying laundry job you’ll have to do after you see her completely nude and riding cock with the professionalism she shows in her acting.