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Miley Cyrus spreading her birthday pussy wide

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

Who knew that Miley Cyrus was such a domestic goddess? For when she turned 18, the first thing she did in the morning was do the laundry. Yes, after waking up from a sultry sleep, her first thought was that her panty got so wet in the night and she had to wash all her cum off of it.

Who’d have thought chicks had wet dreams too? Well certainly for this young singer, her dream was probably still so real she had to take all her clothes off the morning after and then continue with fingering herself instead. Good thing she had the mind to pose in front of the camera while finger fucking her cunt. Very lucky for us to witness her naked glory all over last night’s dirty laundry. And if I’m not mistaken, she might even use these pictures as an invite to her birthday celebration. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be one big orgy anyway.

So, Miley Cyrus might as well have bid her innocence goodbye with these pictures of her fucking her cunt out. But we all know there wasn’t much of that in the first place anyway.

Demi Lovato spreads her birthday pussy wide

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

So here it is guys, the day you’ve all been waiting for, Demi Lovato hitting the big one-eight and celebrating with a big fat cock stuffed up her teenage pussy. Yeah, one can dream, but here’s a little something to help you picture banging Demi Lovato in your head like crazy: pictures of Demi Lovato getting fucked! How about that, it’s Demi’s fans who get a birthday present and not her, so give a little by spilling your cum all over her open mouth.

And if I’m not mistaken, these naked pictures of Demi Lovato are a perfect representation of what will eventually happen. She’s caught in extremely hardcore situations, like opening her pussy wide in a foursome, kneeling obediently for a facial, and pushing her cunt deeper on her fuck buddy’s stiffy for that extra-loud teen orgasm only she can let out.

Whether you’re a Demi Lovato fanboy or not, these raunchy fuck pics of her are sure to get you going like crazy.