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Avril Lavigne now fucks cunts

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Everyone’s favorite punk rock princess seemed to have lost the appetite for Sk8r Boys and has instead deflected her attention to (gasp!) smoking female blondes. You read that right, guys. Avril Lavigne, ranked number 24 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list, is caught in naked pictures copping another girl.

If that’s her preference now, that’s perfectly fine by me, I mean, who doesn’t get turned on by two hot girls in the middle of lesbian sex? I know I do, and I already have my cock out just in case. And I can of course imagine how it would be like, with me ramming my cock simultaneously in Avril and her girltoy’s cunt, licking their clits and having them take turns sucking my dick. Ooh, I guess I just went into a Threesome Heaven.

So this is Avril Lavigne now. A cunt-loving slut who has sex with her chick then poses in front of the camera for it. Well, who are we to argue? At least we horndogs have each been given access to these cunt-licking naked pictures of her. So, enjoy!

Lindsay Lohan lesbian jail sex pics

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Yep. You knew this would happen sooner or later. Lindsay Lohan lesbian jail sex right before your eyes. This time you don’t have to break a brain cell trying to imagine it because it is happening. Seen here is Lindsay Lohan naked in her jail cell while a pair of female hands fondles her sweet juicy tits and another pair pulling her hair back to tease her.

But it’s not just girls who craves Lindsay Lohan’s pussy now, is it? In the other pics, it shows the troubled star facing the bars with a shitload of cum on her face after getting her creamy cunt fucked hard on all fours! It’s true what they say, she’s worth even more behind bars!