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Selena Gomez turns 18, exposes her inner sex kitten

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Now here’s a treat for all you fresh and young pussies lovers out there. Remember this sweet and innocent Disney chick you were too guilty to lust over because she was underaged? Well, you can now come out from your underground basement because now you can dream of fucking Selena Gomez pussy guilt-free because this adorable young hottie just turned 18! Do I hear a hooray? That’s right. And to celebrate the Disney princess’ birthday, we’ve compiled a bunch of steamy, titillating pictures of Selena Gomez naked and playing with her creamy cunt.

I bet you’re visualizing how awesome it would feel like just laying back with your thick hard cock out while Selena slowly eases her way down to your balls and grinds it to high hell. That’s just the start of this insanely orgasmic ecstasy because you can be sure you’ll be seeing more of Selena Gomez transforming from a shy butterfly to a sex-crazed kinky fuck kitten, soon!